advantages of cctv in schools

Running a big school in peaceful environment and without any tension of the teachers & parents is a huge responsibility. Fortunately, a CCTV surveillance system can help to get rid of this dilemma & makes the school environment safe & peaceful. Many schools have implemented this surveillance technology & have been benefited to have a more peaceful & safer environment.

So VelaCCTV is elaborating here the advantages of CCTV system installation in schools


Crime & Trespassing

1) Stop Crime & Trespassing

Installing CCTV cameras at outside & inside the school campus enables authority to watch any vandalism that can occur. For any such unwanted incident they can have a recorded evidence so that a proper following action can be taken against that. Moreover, schools and the students always remain a target of attacks from outside. A security measure always helps detect any such intruders & prevent them. Watching the entrance or exit points are very crucial for the proper security of the school. By installing security system with motion detection technology the authority can be readily notified of any unwanted movement taking place at some pre-defined areas. With CCTV mobile phone monitoring or through PC, laptop or tablet or any other internet connected device the incident can be instantly detected.


Stop Bullying & Deter Offenders

2) Stop Bullying & Deter Offenders

Unfortunately ragging, bullying or any such offences are common in schools and they are strictly prohibited. If security cameras are installed in proper places then such offences can be prevented to a great magnitude. In case of emergency evacuation, security cameras can find out the trouble spot & direct everyone to a safe exit.



3) Monitoring

When new visitors enter into school premises, authority should keep an watch on them for precautionary measure. Security cameras can come of a great assistance to watch them through an internet connected device. CCTV camera setup is beneficial for watching activities of students also. If any student is late in attending classes or behave wrongly, CCTV footage can come handy to track it and handle the situation properly. Same advantage is available in case of the school staffs too. Security cameras help in observing the performance of the staffs & to take relevant decisions. Monitoring different crucial activities is a major advantage of CCTV in schools.


parents in peace

4) Keep Parents In Peace Of Mind

When parents send their kids to school, they are always worried about their safety. Parents want to be ensured that their children are safe when they are studying in school. So many bad incidents in school augmented their tension and CCTV can help a lot to keep the unwanted things at bay. Presence of CCTV itself plays a havoc role in controlling any kind of disturbance as criminals are well aware of the consequence of being recorded live as CCTV footage can easily prove any offence that can take place in school premises.

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