video door phone system installation

Video door phone is an intercom system that is used to manage calls made at the entrance to a residence with access controlled by audiovisual communication between inside & outside. Video door phone is an essential security feature of a home as it enables the person indoor to identify the visitor & if required allow him or her to enter. Now let us start the discourse, how video door phone system installation is done.

To learn the installation process, first we should understand that the system consists of both indoor & outdoor elements. An outdoor panel, an electronically controlled lock release & one indoor monitor are the essential parts of a video door phone system. The outdoor panel includes number of buttons to enable visitor to call, a night vision enabled high quality camera, a mic to convey their voice & a speaker to receive the sound from indoors.

A video monitor inside enables us to see who is at the entrance and whether the visitor should be granted access or not. Apart from that indoor unit also contains a mic, a speaker & a button to push the electronic door release. One can be intimidated by the complex video door phone system installation process. But following a methodical way can make the things easy.

The installation process :

The Cable :

A cable connection is mandatory between the video camera outside & monitor inside. This cable may be fitted either by drilling holes or through roof.


The Bracket :

The positions of the cameras & the monitor should be figured out at the beginning. At pre-planned positions brackets should be installed by creating holes through drilling & by using wall plugs.



video door phone camera

The Camera

The next essential step for video door phone system installation is connecting the wires to the camera or the outdoor unit. This process highly varies from one camera brand to other & the proper instruction given with the camera should be followed while connecting. Main concern of this connection should be to make it secure enough before using it.


The Wall Mount :

Now the camera should be attached to the wall mount. Care should be taken so that the camera attachment is firm & is visible to any visitor. Position of the camera should be at a nominal height.



video door phone monitor

The Monitor

Now it’s time to setup the indoor unit. A monitor bracket should be setup at a desired place & the wires should be pulled out. Wires are to be connected to the monitor & the power supply should be started. With precaution monitor should be fixed on the bracket & should be properly positioned as per requirement.


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video door phone system installation



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