Hikvision DarkFighter Network Cameras


Under the poorest lighting conditions, the Hikvision DarkFighter camera series sees clearly in color what others can only see in black and white. DarkFighter series delivers exceptional low-light color images at up to 60fps. During the day, with its superior WDR, it can see through high contrast conditions, such as overly dark or brightly lit areas, to deliver clear images. In a surveillance world that needs to see 24/7/365, the DarkFighter series delivers where others can’t.


Ultra-low light Performance

Featuring a large sized HD progressive scan CMOS sensor, the DarkFighter series can capture excellent colour image in an extreme darkest environment down to 0.002Lux, and automatically switch to monochrome by removing the IR filter to boost sensitivity when it lowers than 0.002Lux, while maintaining superior image quality. IR distance of up to 200 metres is further supported to ensure image capturing in darkest environment.


Conventional camera


Hikvision DarkFighter camera


Conventional PTZ camera


Hikvision DarkFighter PTZ


Conventional PTZ Camera – 23x


Conventional PTZ Camera – 23x


Maximum Performance with DARKEYE SLA Lens

[Super Large Aperture]

Featuring F0.95 consistent aperture, the DarkEye super large aperture lens can truly ice on the cake
of hikvision DarkFighter performance.

Conventional lens


Hikvision DARKEYE SLA lens

Up to 6MP resolution
Focal length: 7~33mm
Aperture: F0.95-C
Format: 1/1.8”



Smart Codec

H.264+ Optimized Compression

An efficient way to manage super high resolution video footage.

● More encoding improvement

● More transmission efficiency

● More storage saving


In a static nighttime environment, the bitrate of H.264+ can reach up to 50~60Kbps, 10~20x over standard H.264 codec, that not only saves bandwidth resources, but efficiently decreases storage requirements.

H.264 {25fps}
H.264+ {25fps}
  • Background-based Predictive Smart Encoding
  • Enhanced Noise Suppression
  • Optimized Bitrate Control in Long-Term Period

The moving target is extracted from the static background, using a different codec for each element.

Complete Product Offering

Hikvision offers various types of 2MP full-HD cameras, such as motorized VF lens bullet camera, dome camera, and up to 36x optical zoom PTZ camera for 24/7 CCTV surveillance.



◼ Target Cropping Stream

The third stream of video can be sent to a different source for recording or display in a pre-defined resolution, thus providing more details of a targeted area if needed.


◼ Object Counting

You can designate an area of interest and let the camera count objects entering or leaving, which include not only humans but also vehicles. It also offers statistical reports.


◼ Region Enter / Exit

This function detects people, vehicles or other objects that enter or exit from a pre-defined virtual region, triggering an alarm.


◼ Object Left Behind / Object Removed

This function detects objects left or removed from a pre-defined region, the alarm is triggered.



On-board ANPR analytics allow the ability to detect and recognize a vehicle’s license plate and send ANPR info to a Smart NVR or iVMS- 5200P for access management.
* Supports may vary based on local LPR algorithm development and customization process required.



The overall excellence of the DarkFighter camera series has been recognized by the “GIT Security Award” and “IFSEC
Security & Fire Excellence Awards” which has nominated the new DarkFighter PTZ as a finalist.