CCTV security cameras generally come in two different shapes. One of them is the circular “dome” shaped cameras popularly known as dome cameras. The other is shaped protrudes outwards like the barrel of a gun and is popularly known as the bullet camera. There is always a disagreement regarding which camera is suitable for outdoors and which is suitable for indoors. But 90% of security system installers will say that dome camera is suitable for indoor surveillance. This is due to the sleek aesthetic design of the dome camera and it blends well with the decoration of the room.

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Typically the dome camera has shorter range due to their shape and size. Bullet cameras offer larger space for the lens and hence have more range. But some dome cameras can have larger range due to special lenses.

Dome cameras are covert in nature. So they are not as much a deterrent for burglars and thieves as bullet cameras. Bullet cameras are far more obvious. However with a bullet camera, one can easily determine which way it is pointing. Dome cameras, due to their shape have the ability to confuse a person as to what particular area they are covering. So with a noticeable sign like “You are under CCTV surveillance” and a few dome cameras you can easily secure premises. If you want to covertly monitor a place, dome cameras are ideal.

When it comes to the cost of the installation, there isn’t much difference between the dome camera and the bullet camera. The bullet camera comes with the camera and the mount. While the dome camera comes with the camera, the housing and extra parts. So it can be a little bit higher in price. There are also more expensive domes like infrared IP cameras and vandal proof infrared IP dome cameras.

Mounting the dome cameras can be tricky as they are fixed to the ceiling in a way that the wirings are hidden. Bullet cameras are comparatively easier to mount with their simple point-and-shoot type of installation. Also changing the direction of dome cameras require dismounting them which is not the case with bullet cameras.

Dome cameras are quite durable but so are bullet cameras. Bullet cameras are weatherproof and can withstand rain and snow easily. Dome cameras that are vandal proof are very much durable and shock resistant. Vandal proof cameras are made with recessed screws which require special tools to open as they can not be opened with the normal screwdrivers. The material is also highly resistant to impact.