In the modern times, most of the families are nuclear with both parents working to keep up with the progressive society. So naturally, when the parents are away in their workplace and the children are in the school, the house remains empty and this gives burglars ample amount of opportunity to break into the house. If you are serious about the protection of your assets, then CCTV camera is always a good option. With both indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, it is easy to keep track of any unwanted activity in your home. Burglars are caught on the cameras and identified by the police easily making the recovery of stolen items easy when the house is secured.

Video surveillance also helps to monitor the elderly people and children in the house when they are alone. They let you know if any accidents or untoward incidents happen in the house on time so that you can take necessary action. But before installing CCTV cameras you should know about their types and which ones suit your need the best. We will discuss in this article what are the various types of CCTV cameras available in the current market and for a few of them we will discuss the features in details. But before that let us understand what are the features that one should look for in the surveillance cameras.

Motion Detection: Cameras with motion detection can send you notifications when there is some kind of movement in its field of view. This can alert you and you can monitor the movement to check whether everything is alright.

Field of View: The field of the view is the angle by which the camera can record. This affects the number of cameras that need to be installed to cover a certain area.

Camera movement: A camera that can Pan and Tilt and rotate can cover a larger area than the fixed ones. Such cameras quite often come with the zoom facility as well giving more details about the activities in the covered area.

Resolution: The resolution decides the clarity of the video that you get from the camera. The more the resolution more is the price of the camera. You should choose cameras based on how much clarity you want from the recorded video as a clear image helps identify the criminal in case of theft or burglary.

Night-vision: The clarity with which the camera can record in low-light and no-light conditions can affect the usefulness of the camera as much of the crimes happen during the night times.

Having understood the features of the camera, we will learn what are the types of cameras in use.

IP Dome camera: These are good for indoor surveillance systems. They can be fixed to the ceiling. The IP stands for Internet Protocol. These cameras come in handy when you want to monitor what is going on in your house while being outside the house. The IP Dome cameras can stream the video directly to your mobile or laptop via the internet. They can record the video in an NVR or Network Video Recorder which can be a dedicated device or a computer with the necessary software.

IP Bullet camera: IP Bullet cameras also have the capability to stream video online. Bullet cameras are good for outdoor surveillance as they are weather-proof. They can be fixed to a wall or ceiling.

IP PTZ cameras: These Pan Tilt Zoom cameras look like the dome cameras but come with greater flexibility in terms of camera movement. They can cover a bigger area and hence quite naturally are priced higher.

The HikVision 5.0 MP CMOS network turret camera is one of the best cameras for home security system. Its 5 MegaPixel camera with Infrared recording capabilities offers round the clock security with clear images where you can easily identify faces.

The CP Plus 2.4 MP IR Cosmic 20 mtr Bullet Camera is ideal for 24-hr outdoor surveillance and you can use it for your home entrance, garage, backyard, etc. It’s 3.6 mm fixed lens gives clear images and one can identify people even in low light condition.