Closed circuit television set, better known as CCTV, is technology suitable for visual monitoring. Its goal is to keep an eye on activities in several environments. It functions by way of your dedicated communication cable link between a screen and cameras.


Until some years ago CCTV didn’t get that much notice. Now it’s use is continuing to grow exponentially. The UNITED KINGDOM sticks out as an all-time high individual of CCTV user, locating the monitoring systems ideal for public facilities, personal subdivisions, and car parking lots.

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Plenty of CCTV cameras, commissioned by general population safeness organizations, and area watch or homeowners organizations, help reduce security issues in areas such as buses and terminals, taxis and stands, trains stations, cell phone booths, vending machines and ATM locations.

The metropolitan areas and cities themselves are safeguarding their major thoroughfares and business districts with CCTV security systems which include camera convenience of zooming, full tilting, panning and even infrared for nights viewing. Private hospitals are now started using CCTV camera to monitor their patients.

If you’ve given any thought to home security you’ve probably considered a closed circuit television monitoring system.


Things you’ll have with our CCTV Security System is at least one surveillance camera, a variety of lenses (pan, zoom and infrared for night vision) to focus on particular areas of your premises and office/factory, and a VCR or DVR that will make a permanent record of what the camera is viewing all the time.

If you should decide you want to provide CCTV security camera in your home or office you’ll need to do at least one slow walk around your home/office/factory, taking notes as you go, about where you need cctv surveillance, and what areas are the most vulnerable, and is in need dire of protection.

While you certainly want to focus on your house or office/factory if you’re a business owner – the places where your safety is the primary concern – don’t neglect to include garage, front and backyard, driveway, or any outside fence or gate entrance.


You may want more than one security camera in your home/office room. This could be important if your home/office is large, for instance, and you’re regularly in one section of the home/office/factories while a babysitter or an employee is at work and you may need to keep an eye on them so that they don’t do anything suspicious.

CCTV Security Camera in Kolkata

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CCTV Security Camera in Kolkata
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CCTV Security Camera in Kolkata
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