CCTV Camera Installation Service in Kolkata

In present times people, business organizations have acknowledged the fact that to increase their concerned security and to feel secure they need CCTV camera installation for Video Monitoring. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television is right now the latest and most secure electronic security system in the world. It is being used by almost every organizations and governments etc. But it doesn’t stop there right now CCTV Security Camera is finding application in supermarkets, shops, apartments and even at home.

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CCTV is no longer an expensive security accessory that people used to ignore. CCTV Security systems provide you and yours business with lots of benefits

CCTV is nothing but cameras connected via wire and the footages are feed into a monitor which can be viewed by persons or individuals who have the authority to do so. Nowadays, cctv technologies have changed a lot now there are even more advanced features which let you view cctv camera footages from any location. So you can see CCTV camera installation service is must for those people who still feel insecure about their security


Installing cctv camera not only increase your security but also will discourage people from doing any mischief when they will notice cctv camera installed in your premises or shop.

CCTV Camera installation Service in Kolkata

We Velarudh Infotech is one of the leading and fast growing company in terms of CCTV Camera and Security Services in Kolkata. We are one of the leading CCTV Camera dealers in Kolkata. We provide all types of CCTV SECURITY SYSTEM with the latest technology available in the market. Your Security is our responsibility. We provide CCTV security systems that are dependable and reviewed by experts.


Our CCTV Security System Includes:

Dome Camera, Bullet camera, IP CCTV Camera, Biometric Attendance System, Biometric Access Control, Access Control Systems, Aadhar Kit with Iris scanner and Aadhar Kit with fingerprint scanner, cctv repairing in Kolkata, cctv services in Kolkata, electronic security system in Kolkata. Contact us to check cctv camera price in Kolkata!




CCTV Camera installation Service in Kolkata
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CCTV Camera installation Service in Kolkata
Description, a fast-growing company in CCTV Camera Installation Services in Kolkata. We are one of the leading CCTV Camera dealers in Kolkata.