CCTV cameras are extremely effective when it comes to keeping miscreants and criminals away from your premises, be it your home, office, workshop, warehouse, or any other place. Like any other electrical and electronic device, CCTV also requires periodic maintenance to avoid breakdown of the surveillance system and avoid expensive replacements. The amount of maintenance your surveillance system needs depends on their location and how easily they can be knocked off or manipulated. It also depends on how much moisture and dust the cameras are prone to. In general, a monthly checkup of the CCTV system is enough to keep it long-lasting.

CCTV maintenance

Now that it is understood how important it is to do periodic maintenance of CCTV, you should have a checklist of what to consider while doing the maintenance of CCTV. We have prepared a checklist of important things you must do while doing the maintenance of your CCTV system.

Camera Lens:

Whether the camera lens is adjusted and focused properly.

Whether the camera view is proper, covering the area properly and that nothing is blocking its view.

Whether there is any dust or mud on the camera. If so, clean it with compressed air and microfibre cloth.

Whether the motion detectors are working fine if the camera comes with such capabilities.

Using your controller, check whether the pan tilt and zoom functionalities are working properly if you have a PTZ camera.

Cut any foliage that might obscure the camera view.

Check that the cameras are attached properly to the wall or ceiling.


Whether the wiring is intact and that there is no wear or tear or exposed wires.

Whether there are any loose wires.

Check whether the transmission of sound and video is proper.

Monitors and Recording Equipments:

Whether the monitor display is clear and the brightness and contrast settings are properly adjusted.

Whether the switches, connectors and other equipment are working properly.

Clean the monitor for dust and grime with a mild cleaner and microfibre cloth.

Whether the date and time stamp are correctly adjusted.

Maintenance of CCTV surveillance system on your own can be hectic and may require expert professionals. It is advised to avail Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC for CCTV from a local CCTV company for proper care of your surveillance system. Velacctv offers AMC at a fair price to its clients in Kolkata as well as those who have procured CCTV system from another vendor. If you find maintaining your CCTV daunting, our expert professionals can make your task easy while keeping the CCTV system healthy for a long time.