Like any other electronic/electrical machine, the continued service of CCTV surveillance cameras depends on its annual maintenance service. Without servicing, the longevity of the cameras may get reduced and several technical issues may crop up. This will affect the security of your home, business and any other place that you have secured with CCTV camera.


It is recommended that you do periodic maintenance from a reputed CCTV camera installation and maintenance company. CCTV surveillance system contains many parts. Some of them are the cameras, coax cables, DVR/NVR, monitor and BNC to RCA connectors. Additionally, a CCTV system may also contain video splitters and quad processors. Each of these parts may get damaged or develop issues for which the monitoring system may not function properly. The person or company who does the AMC must be able to handle and repair the damages of each of these parts.

The AMC holds for a period of time, usually 3 months, 6 months or one year. If any additional problem crops up during this time, the repair would be done for free by the company in charge of the AMC. So it is always advised that the CCTV surveillance system is insured by AMC for any installation, whether it is your office or home or business or public places like school, banks, transport system, etc.

However, it must be remembered that not everything is covered under AMC. For example, replacement of CCTV parts or consumables may not be covered under AMC and the customer would have to pay for those replacements. AMC usually consists of Camera Visibility Test, DVR Recording Test and Disk Error Test.

The AMC also excluded the service tax. Therefore GST may be additionally included in the price for the AMC. However, the final charges for AMC will be comparatively low when you consider the repair or replacement of CCTV parts if it is not covered by AMC and not serviced regularly.

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Annual Maintenance Contract
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AMC for CCTV is an essential coverage of CCTV surveillance systems which takes care of various aspects of CCTV surveillance system like the Camera Visibility Test, DVR Recording Test and Disk Error Test.