5 factors that influences the purchase of night surveillance camerasThe night vision CCTV camera technology has improved a lot in recent times. There are numerous options available for day night cameras and choosing a particular camera can be a bit difficult if you are not sure what you want. But if you consider certain factors that would influence your purchase decision, you can eliminate a lot of these choices.

The modern security cameras offer a lot of features. You might require some of these features while others may not be needed. You can get inexpensive cameras too with a lot of features. Security camera dealers like us can provide you cameras with features that you need in a budget that fits your pocket. You can call our CCTV camera expert at +91 8981639515 for any type of security camera services. We provide our services within the state of West Bengal in India. Next we will discuss some of the factors that will influence your purchase decision.

Night vision cameras are important when it comes to round the clock security requirement. But most of the time when people think about day/night surveillance, the first thing that comes to the mind is dark and grainy pictures. So the first question that must be considered is do you need a black and white or color image?

The standard choice for day and night camera is black and white image. This is primarily because Black and White images offer high contrast and clarity in the night or low light environment. Although some details like the hair or clothes’ color, etc would be missed by such a camera.

Do you want a wired, wireless or IP camera?

Wired cameras offer greater picture clarity and uninterrupted supply of video footage. But set up of wired cameras may require professional help. And the setup may be a bit more expensive than the wireless camera setup. Wireless cameras can be easily setup and is less expensive although the camera units themselves may be a bit more expensive when you compare apples to apples between the features of a wired and wireless camera. IP or Internet Protocol cameras are those that are connected through a LAN using a local IP address for the cameras. The routers that connect the camera to the computer recognize each camera as a separate device and allow remote access through smartphone, laptop and PCs.

Do you need indoor or outdoor surveillance?

Outdoor cameras are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions like dust storm, rain and snow. Indoor cameras on the other hand are designed to be aesthetically appealing and that can blend with the surrounding. Indoor cameras used in banks, ATM etc are also designed to be vandalproof.

How many security cameras do you need to be installed for your surveillance system?

A single camera with fixed focus limits the use of cameras. But nowadays there are cameras that come with various inbuilt capabilities that serves the purpose of multiple cameras. Some of these are auto-tracking, motion detection, and intelligent numberplate recognition technology.

How much light sensitive or lux illumination rating your camera needs to be?

The lesser the lux illumination rating, more is the sensitivity of the camera towards light. Lux illumination rating gives an idea of the amount of minimum light required to get a decent video footage by the camera. Starlight technology is one of the latest technologies in camera that allows shooting video in almost no light situation.