4K is the latest technology in security camera. Although it had been around for television for quite some time, in case of security cameras, it is picking up gear slowly. Not many security cameras are available in the market that are 4K.

4K CCTV Camera Image Illustration4K offer the highest resolution at present. While HD cameras produce a video with resolution of 1920 x 1080, a 4K camera easily produces a video with resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. There are 4 times more pixels in 4K camera compared to HD cameras, hence the name 4K. These cameras produce what is now referred as Ultra HD or UHA. The cameras work on a decent frame rate of 15 to 20 fps. The image sensor being used is a 8MP CMOS sensor that delivers clear life like image at various lighting conditions as they capture more light. They have improved color , contrast and low-light performance.

The UHA cameras have wide angle overview with multiple focus points giving you more focus in a single screen without distracting away from the larger picture. The features of 4K cameras are as follows:

Improvement in quality of video:

The UHA outputs 4 times clearer picture which retains quality even on zooming. Some of them are equipped with Intelligent Auto Exposure that provides front and backlight compensation offering great exposure time. The Intelligent Video Analysis(IVA) functions to track and focus important events in the field of view, thereby adding structure and meaning to the video and you can retrieve the correct data based on event and time.

Multi-stream Ability:

The Ultra HD cameras when integrated with proper video management software(VMA) provides great zooming facility. The zoom allows you to focus on any area of interest without loosing the whole picture. The camera can stream both the zoomed image and the wide angle overview separately.

Sense and structure to the video:

It is likely that after sometime you start missing out on some of the important events in the footage. The Intelligent Video Analysis helps to notify you when predefined triggers occur in the field of view. You can add up to 8 IVA rules and adjusting them properly you can avoid false alarms and triggers. The IVA provides metadata which takes an important role as forensic evidence or for optimizing business process.