CCTV surveillance system has been a relatively new entrant in the India market. Its widespread use began only in the 21st century although there some early adaptations primarily in the retail sectors in the 1990s. But at that time the cameras were capable of black and white video capabilities or produced blurry videos. However, those days are long gone. Nowadays CCTV cameras are capable of High Definition video captured with an amazing clarity and with functionalities like motion detection and zooming.

CCTV Camera

In the present times, there are seven CCTV surveillance systems available in the market. They are High Definition Transport Video Interface, High Definition Composite Video Interface, Analogue High Definition, High Definition Serial Digital Interface, IP Network, Advanced Analogue systems and Analogue systems.

High Definition Transport Video Interface or HD-TVI was developed in 2014 by a company named Techpoint. This standard is used now by several video surveillance camera manufacturers worldwide. One can connect HD-TVI cameras from different manufacturers to the same DVR. HD-TVI can capture images in 1080p video resolution. The video captured by HD-TVI cameras can be transmitted over the same coaxial cables as used for traditional analog CCTV cameras. This allows a consumer to upgrade to HD video capturing using the same setup as used previously.

High Definition Composite Video Interface is a standard made by the CCTV camera manufacturer Dahua and the standard has been made open to all. This technology uses solid state transmission for non-latent long-distance video transmission in 1080p or 720p resolution. The technology implements completely separate brightness and hue signals giving finer details in the output video and is designed to be a replacement of the traditional analog video surveillance system.

Analogue High Definition video cameras are a special type of analog CCTV cameras that have the capability to record the video in 720p High Definition. While this feature had been around with IP cameras for quite some time now, analog HD cameras are relatively new and may not contain all the advanced features of IP cameras. These analog HD cams use the same infrastructure as the traditional CCTV cameras like coaxial cables, DVR and connectors.

High Definition Serial Digital Interface or HD-SDI cameras are CCTV cameras that are capable of capturing video at 1080p HD resolution. These cameras have to be used along with HD-SDI surveillance DVR. The coaxial cables used for HD-SDI are the same that are used for home television.

IP Network cameras are those that transmit data wirelessly through ethernet, WiFi, etc. IP cameras can be used along with various apps like number plate recognition app, traffic estimation app, counting people etc. IP network cameras are gaining popularity these days as they allow remote viewing of the video captured on one’s laptop or mobile.

CCTVs have brought about considerable change in the way we live today. It has helped reduce crime and capture criminals. It has brought more sincerity in the employees who are working in a workplace monitored by security cameras. It has revolutionized home security systems and the modern towns and cities are a much safer place to live. Women feel safer to be in places monitored by CCTV cameras.