Any manufacturing unit has sensitive areas which needs to be monitored at all times. Access is restricted in these areas and certain security procedures must be followed such as only authorized person with the access can enter into these places inside the manufacturing unit. Areas which have high voltage equipment or automated equipment can fall in such category. Other areas such as high value inventory storage areas, 5S Red Tag areas, and areas holding highly sensitive data such as server rooms also fall in this category and needs constant vigilance. The cameras used for monitoring such facilities are usually manufacturing security cameras or cameras for process improvement.

You need to ask several questions regarding the security measures being taken. Are all the proper security procedures being followed to the letter and spirit? Is the inventory properly locked and only authorized person accessing it? How often does an authorized person enter the sensitive data area like the server room? Is any worker taking out the quarantined items from the 5S red tag area without the knowledge of the 5S red tag area supervisor? Who is accessing the automated equipment section and how often?

Without a surveillance camera installed in your manufacturing facility you cannot find answer to the above questions. You are stuck with the reports from workers. And even if your workers are providing honest answers, they cannot be as vigilant as a camera. Also human memory is very tricky to investigate as compared to the recorded footage from a camera. Hiring security personnel is a much expensive alternative as compared to a surveillance system. And you can investigate the facility from the comfort of your home or any other place through a smartphone or laptop.

You can find manufacturing security cameras with velacctv for the West Bengal state in India. We provide installation and maintenance service as well for such cameras. And you can see the camera footage from your home or office through a laptop or smartphone. For further queries, please get in touch with one of our representatives at +91 8981639515 .