Intelligent video for making smart cities seeA smart city is an urban development that combines Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to securely manage the people and assets. The technology has to be cutting edge. Video management software in the security systems plays an important role in creating a smart city and its usage goes beyond the obvious reasons of security and safety of people and assets. The surveillance camera capture enormous volumes of video data which gives a lot of accurate situational information about the city and the activities that goes on.

Research shows that expenditure in security systems will rise in next few years due to decrease in prices of cameras, advancement in camera technologies, video analytics, video management software and smarter storage technologies.

Large cities in India like Delhi are ready to reap the benefits of intelligent video surveillance. Asian cities like Singapore and Dubai have already invested big on video monitoring system. The government of UAE has introduced a ministry of AI and announced a strategy for AI. AI in the field of CCTV camera technology is developing at a rapid pace. According to H. H. Sheikh Mohammed, “AI is the new wave after the Smart Government upon which all our services, sectors and future infrastructure will rely”.

The volume of data captured by the CCTV cameras in the modern cities are rapidly increasing and there is a need to scale out. But increasing the number of operators is not the solution. The challenge lies in utilizing video analytics, AI and other technologies to smartly monitor the city. Video intelligence will save both time and money. Video management systems will enable operators to take better and more informed decisions and proactively avoid adverse incidents. The reduction in reaction time for any incident as well as the ability to keep off adverse incidents through predictive abilities will be the key factors in shaping up smart cities.

Today video analytics has developed from being the traditional, rule-based analytics. It has been imparted with the ability to learn from the video and the objects and their normal relations and behavior. These learning ability will help in the predictive abilities of the surveillance system.

The smart cities of future will also contain buildings with their own micro-infrastructure containing sensors and cameras of their own connected to the city’s main system.