Critical Infrastructure like those who house and process energy, oil, precious materials, telecommunications, and other critical infrastructure assets, require 24×7 stable and continuous, reliable video surveillance regardless of poor lighting and weather conditions.

Thermal cameras provide additional details for detection and standalone CCTV cameras have also been required for visual footage. This double setup has created higher costs of installation, maintainance, and operations.

HIKVISION’s innovative approach brings dual lens thermal cameras combine thermal imaging with visual imaging. Equipped with onboard video analytics, the high-quality thermal imager thrives in long-range object detection regardless of harsh air conditions or total dark environments. The visual imager captures vivid, high-resolution HD video of any moving objects and offers more details for post-event investigations.

HIKVISION Dual Lens Thermal Cameras

Perimeter Protection

• Increases physical protection around the perimeter

• Decreases human patrolling

• Effective in dimly lit and total darkness environments


Power plants, petrochemical/oil utilities, ports, prisons, etc.


Border Protection

• Detects intruders from long distances

• Auto-detects fires

• Triggers alarms for prompt response

• Effective in harsh weather conditions


Maritime, border patrol, etc.


High-value Area Protection

• Effective detects intruders

• No light pollution

• Avoids false alarms


Parking lots, car dealerships, precious materials warehouses, etc.


Fire Hazard Detection

• Detects fumes or flames in wide areas

• Triggers alarm for prompt response

• Helps to pinpoint fire origin

• Increase efficiency for firefighters


Forest protection, amusement parks, etc.


HIKVISION Dual Lens Thermal Cameras Specification