Having the complete cctv camera setup at your office or home is not enough you have to keep it safe from intruders also. Now, even the miscreants know that they’re being monitored via security cameras, and they also know how to bypass those security measures.

cctv footage

If you have to make sure that the cctv cameras you have installed for at office or home are durable, vandal proof and weatherproof. And other important that is to ensure that the video footages are not accessible by any unauthorized person.

Always backup your cctv footage on cloud servers so that even if something happens to the surveillance hard disk your security footage remains safe.

Bandel’s robbery in the gold store, CCTV’s hard disk raided the miscreants

Bandel – West Bengal, a robbery happened where the miscreants after looting the gold store, they reportedly took the hard disk containing the cctv video footages.

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