CCTV Camera in Kolkata!

Kolkata – the city of joy, indeed Kolkata is called the city of joy, but in recent times crime rates are increasing tenth fold like theft, robbery, burglary and what not. Due to this people are feeling very unsafe and are becoming more and more concerned about themselves, and the safety of their family, their business etc.

For this purpose, we have the perfect solution to people’s insecurities, CCTV Camera which is the most proven method to tackle all sorts of crime. CCTV has been used all over the world and is very useful in deterrent people from committing any crime.

Importance Of CCTV Camera

Today, CCTV camera finds it’s application in all sorts of places high alert places like border-crossing, nuclear power plants, etc and public places like railway stations, bus stands, vehicle parking, government building, and in our homes and apartment too.

CCTV systems or CCTV kits cannot be considered as an expensive security system to buy because they offer a lot of protection more than that you are willing to pay.

Right now the demand for security cameras is at a peak, where cctv manufacturing companies are working on their R&D programs to introduce new hi-tech/innovative features in surveillance cameras to make them the worth to have.

Some Uses Of CCTV Camera:

  1. Preventing theft, robbery, and burglary.
  2. Deterrent people from committing a crime
  3. Stoping employees from stealing anything
  4. Mischievious customers also become alerted when they see notice like “You’re Under CCTV Surveillance

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Types of cctv camera to buy:

Dome Camera

Zicom CCTV Camera Kolkata, Best CCTV Camera Brands India

Bullet Camera

Samsung CCTV camera Kolkata

PTZ Camera

Hikvision DS-2DE4220-AE Smart Mini Speed Dome PTZ Network Camera 2MP, IP PTZ Camera

IP/Network Camera

Wireless CCTV Camera

cctv camera kolkata

Which security camera you should buy?

Which cctv camera to buy is solely depended on the buyer like suppose if you want outdoor monitoring of your office, factory, warehouse etc then you will need to opt for bullet camera as they are excellent outdoor video surveillance camera.

But you won’t be needing bullet cctv camera if you want to install cctv in your house or office or chamber then Dome camera it is which will do you work fine. Dome CCTV camera is best security camera for indoor video surveillance/monitoring.

Then you have PTZ camera a.k.a. pan, tilt, zoom camera which are the hi-tech security cameras with very powerful zooming ability which are generally used to monitor large area like a stadium, factories, high-security areas, large parking spaces etc. One can control the pan, tilting & can zoom into objects manually.

Then, we have IP/network cctv camera and wireless security camera, they come with advantages like anyone with login credentials can access live video footage from any location and on any device. Wireless and IP camera enables you to monitor places without actually being there.

 What is the total cost of cctv camera installation setup?

A basic cctv setup consists of 4 cameras dome/bullet as per requirement. Then you will need a DVR/NVR( digital video recorder/network video recorder), hard disc, BNC connectors, DC connectors, power supply, cables, monitor and other accessories.

Cost of CCTV setup with 4 cameras: Rs 17000 (approx. without monitor)

Cost of CCTV setup with 2 cameras: Rs 12000 (approx. without monitor)

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