CCTV surveillance have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. From theft prevention, to employee monitoring to watching over laboratory spaces which are otherwise inaccessible to humans, CCTV is used for several purposes. Almost all buildings, commercial and office complexes, have CCTV installed. It is also gaining popularity in residential complexes. Nowadays the question isn’t whether you should install a surveillance system. The question that is being asked most of the time is which type of surveillance system is best for you.

Until a few years back most of the CCTV systems were wired and analog giving SD or HD 720p images. Such systems were connected to a DVR from which the feed was sent to a monitor for live viewing and monitoring. Nowadays wireless CCTV cameras are increasingly finding usage in office spaces, hotels, retail spaces and other places. They offer clearer picture and can directly upload camera feed to an IP or cloud. You can read more about the comparison of wired vs. wireless cameras in this article. Here we will discuss a little more about wireless cameras and check out a few of the highly rated wireless cameras with their features and specifications.

There are various aspects of a camera that needs to be considered before choosing a camera system for your surveillance purposes. For example you don’t require a camera with Number Plate Recognition capabilities if the usage of the camera is to monitor the cash register only. Some of the factors to be considered for while purchasing a camera are

Camera Design(Shape, Dimensions,etc)

Location(Indoor/Outdoor usage, Property size)


Features(Number Plate Recognition, Motion Detection, Missing Object, Night Vision)

Single or Multi-Camera System

We will see some of the features and capabilities that distinguish a camera from those camera which do not have them.

Motion Detection:

Motion detection is a feature by which a camera detects any motion within the field of view of the camera and sends alert and starts recording. These feature has advanced capabilities by which only motion from larger objects are detected so that false alarms like movement of small animals are avoided.

Missing object:

With this capability the camera can send alert if something goes missing from the field of view, for example, if a car moves out of the scene, it can send an alert.

Remote access:

With this feature, you can view the live streaming or recording of the camera on your smartphone, tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world through Internet. You can also control the focus and direction of the camera remotely if the camera allows such features. This can come handy especially if you have several locations to monitor and it is not possible to move to and fro between the locations frequently.

Night Vision:

Night Vision have come a long way from the initial days of black and white only images with spotty footages. Nowadays cameras offer clear colored images even in the darkness with identification made possible. Now we will see a few of the wireless cameras available.

CP Plus EPK-EP10L1 (EP10)CP Plus EPK-EP10L1 (EP10)

1 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor

0.5 Lux Minimum Illumination

Max 25/30fps@720P(1280×720)

Supports Micro SD Card Upto 128 GB

360° HD PAN/TILT Wi-Fi

Supports wifi, Two way communication

H.264 Video Compression

IR Range of 10 Mtr


Hikvision DS-2CD2132F-IWSHikvision DS-2CD2132F-IWS

3 megapixel (2048 × 1536) resolution

Up to 30 meters IR range

True day/night

IP66 rating

Hikvision DS-2DP0818Z-DHikvision DS-2DP0818Z-D

1/1.9″ Progressive Scan CMOS

180° view angle

Up to 4096 × 1800@30fps

36X Optical Zoom

Ultra-low illumination


3D intelligent positioning function

IP66 rating


Panasonic WV-SW174WPanasonic WV-SW174W

Outdoor Pan-tilting

HD 1,280 x 960