CCTV cameras are an important part of the security and safety of our homes, offices, business and workplaces, etc. They are commonly found in schools, banks, airports, railway stations, important roads, etc. The usage of CCTV camera have increased drastically of late. With new plans from the government regarding installing CCTV cameras in railways, schools, police stations and other public places, there is a constant rise in the video surveillance of the cities and towns.

All this calls for innovation in CCTV cameras as well. New and powerful CCTV cameras with extensive features are being launched every year to provide clearer and sharper videos and stored using latest compression techniques to use the minimum space in the hard drive. We will discuss some of the best CCTV cameras of 2018 in this article.

HikVision’s DarkFighterX:

Hikvision’s DakrFighterX is one of the latest models of cameras by HikVision cameras and provides excellent day and night time video recording facility. It employs a technology similar to the human eye where there are two image sensors lying behind the same lens. One sensor captures the brightness while the other captures the color like the rod and cone cells of the human eye. These two images are then combined to provide one clear, colorful image even in the low light. This camera is intended to record criminal activities happening in the dark and will be a hit in crime prone areas. This camera incorporates H.265 encoding to reduce storage requirement without compromising on the video quality.

HikVision’s DS-2CE56D8T-ITZE:

It is a new camera rolled out by Hikvision which provides a 2 MP Dome resolution. It provides analog HD output and has true Day/Night capabilities. This makes this camera useful even in low-light conditions. IT also has True WDR upto 120 dB. This camera has upto 20m IR distance.

HikVision’s DS-2CE16D8T-IT1/IT3/IT5E:

This is a new addition to the bullet camera range of Hikvision. It provides 2 MP HD analog output that is clear and upto 1080p resolution. The camera is True Day/Night capable giving upto 20m/40m/80m IR distance using EXIR technology.


This is a 3 MP bullet camera by the brand CP Plus which has a 1/3” Progressive Scan CMOS image sensor. It has a 2.7-12mm Varifocal lens. Its IR range of 30m makes it Day/Night capable. It produces output in H.264 MPEG dual-stream encoding.

CP Plus CP-UNC-DA31L3:

This is a 3 MP Infrared Dome camera with true Day/Night capabilities. The 3.6mm fixed lens provides clear image in 1080p resolution. The IR range is of 30 mtrs. It supports several mobile softwares like the iCMOB, gCMOB and wCMOB.

These are some of our favorite CCTV cams. Don’t forget to mention which camera you are using or is your favorite in the comments.